TWiE Episode 14

It’s terrible of me – but I’ve been lapse here on 

I’m re-jigging a few projects, but in the meantime, please do watch last week’s TWiE – which was a great episode. You can see the full selection of episodes at 

In the meantime, please feel free to watch the episode below. 



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  1. Dear Nikki,Hi, my name is Anthony, 31 yrs old, I live & work in France and have also fallen in love with EVs since about 3 – 4 years ago. I have worked with Tesla Motors in France as a sales rep/mechanic/car demonstrator ( you have to be pretty flexible…) but it is not my main job (for now….)Anyway, stumbled on to your website whilst looking for info on the Prius. I happen to drive one myself and am part of a french association (if you’re any good at french you might get the gist of it…), which installs the enginer kit on Priuses, as well as trying to promote EV conversion (but France is SO SLOW and SO BUREAUCRATIC, its hard going)… We are currently working on an Aygo conversion. We are NOT a company, just a couple of guys working in someone’s garage with little or no budget…I thought it might be nice to share experiences and views, it’s always nice to meet a fellow believer I think…Couldn’t find your mail details anywhere on the site, so thought I’d throw this message in a bottle on your comment page.Look forward to talking / writing / mailing with you.RegardsAnthony


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