on PositiveTV!

About eight weeks ago now I was interviewed by the lovely Rosco from PositiveTV about Tigger, my Electric VW Golf CityStromer.

It was a beautiful day and we had a great time filiming the little short film about, NikkiDrives, and Tigger the EV!

Head over to PositiveTv to see the show, or watch it below. (We’re the second half!)


If you’ve just discovered the site through PositiveTV’s show, welcome! Feel free to have a little look around and don’t forget to watch the latest NikkiDrives!



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  1. Hi Nikki, discovered your site here.. after having listened to EVCAST.. One of the links on your site I wanted to follow up was to the EVCAST 246 with Gavin from New Zealand.. After a lot of hunting I discovered that your link to evcast 246 should in fact be for EVCAST Two six four (264)….. on a more general comment I spend a lot of time reading abut EV’s and am becoming quite despondant about the auto industry.. if you look carefully you will see that every time an EV is shown anyplace, apart from TESLA its usually a little car… if they are showing anything that runs on HYDROGEN its always a big family size car… you and I know why.. you need a big car to hide those 9000PSI tanks.. but people being what people are.. they will gravitate towards the bigger car as being ‘real’? and the EV’s being toy cars… what do you think?BTW despite your ‘no’ on the 2010 PRIUS… we my husband and I traded our model II Prius for the 2010 model? because among other things there is more leg room in the front and as he is quite tall he appreciates the extra leg room.So There.. :-)CheersPeter


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