EVcast 278

Here’s the video from today’s EVcast. It’s a long show, so don’t feel obliged to watch it all (although the start of the show shows you what happens when I screw up the intro  live on air!)

I was joined in the EVcast studio today by Bob Tregilus from the Electric Auto Association of Northern Nevada and Marc Geller from Plug in America and PlugsandCars. It’s a great show, and we had a lot to discuss. 

The mp3 podcast will be released tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the unedited video stream from the show.




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  1. I wonder if the MINI ED trial in the UK is a set up. BMW was surprised at the intensity of positive response in the US. Way beyond their expectations. (in spite of the outrageously high cost to lease) If the UK experience was the same people would be asking why wasn’t BMW going to just go ahead and release a regular production of the electric MINI. It would look quite poor on BMW if they let that happen. No, better to show it was a fluke in the US and not everyone was excited about the MINI ED. So give as little lead time possible to the release of the trial. (Don’t let potential drivers have time to prepare their financial budgets. Limit it to a smaller area. (Preferably to an area where the people may not be inclined to "sacrificing" for their beliefs.) Then release lots of claims that only a few nutcases in the UK that want a MINI ED, not the nice normal public who "prefer" a gasoline vehicle. The answer to this, that would chill BMW to the bone is for every single one of the few MINI drivers in the UK to get media coverage about their experience. Why, because I bet you will find (pending further sabotage by BMW) the drivers will communicate how cool driving an electric car is and how they want to keep their vehicles too! Hope you can arrange an interview of a different BMW ED driver every couple of weeks. Great Show, love your format. Ben. ps- that is absolute rubbish about ev’s not being for women in the UK. Sounds a bit like fear mongering. "Women, don’t have the ability to estimate their mileage," and "Our delicate and helpless Linda, could get stranded out on the dangerous, dark roads at night, unlike our capable, virile son Thomas who, when he drives his ev is much smarter than any woman, plus knows how to take care of himself!!" Rubbish! As our commentator in the media, help us see the smoke and mirrors for what it is. (opps, got carried away.) If you let me write again, I’ll try to make it shorter.pss.. you are brilliant, I wish I knew how and could afford to build my own ev.


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