Supporting your independent Blogger.

So, it’s appeal time again.

Last month, had over 2,500 unique visitors. It was rather pleasant! I really do enjoy providing great content for you to read and digest.

However, I do have a day job. And as I’ve said before I have to split my time between doing my blog, the podcast(s) and the new video reviews. And then I have to teach too.

In an ideal world I’d love to blog full time. I know I could provide better content if I spent all of my time blogging, rather than fitting it around my very limited spare time. But in order to do that, I need to make some cash from this site.

Last month, I had a few kind donations from a few kind readers. But, after running the numbers, if every single person who visited last month donated just 25 pence to the site I would actually be able to give up my day job and devote all my time to blogging. Yes, it really is that small. Twenty-five pence. To donate, simply click on the donate button to the right of this article. And those who donate will get due thanks in the form of a list underneath the donate button, along with a link to their site. Anyone wanting a more formal advert can contact me directly for more details.

If you feel a bit frustrated about donating but getting nothing in return then why not consider buying a product or service from our sponsored adverts. You can even go to Amazon and buy one of the excellent books listed (look to the left of this article).

I’ve resolved that I will only make one post like this every month. But, as Leo Laporte says. “We couldn’t do this without you”. I can, but with your help I can guarantee that it will improve and get even better.

If you really can’t spare the cash, or don’t think I’m worth it then please just pass my link around. The more viewers the better.

And now, I’ll put my PBS appeal hat away. It’s just over here, if you want to donate.


Thank you.






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  1. Hi Nikki… love your blog and I hear you. I’m blogging with an eye on full-time blogging too and currently get about 30,000 uniques and 110,000 impressions per month on my busiest blog. There are a few things you can do to increase revenue from what you have here. I think this might be worth more than 25 pence too.1. Keep you theme to 980px. On many screens your right column will be chopped off and you’ll loose any hope of ad visibility over there.2. Place a 300×250 adsense ad unit at the top right of your posts. PPC ads must be above the fold or below the post, IMHO. 300×250 is an ideal size because top advertisers commonly run banner campaigns with that size and their clicks pay more.3. Place a 160×600 in the left column just below the Nikki drives video. 4. Place the third ad unit (a 300×250) below the post or put a leaderboard above your banner. On you site I think I’d go with the leaderboard because you’ll get top auto advertisers.The color choice in your adsense ads is just fine the way it is, no need for changes. I’d also leave the ad units set to text/image and let google decide which type to serve up.Spend more time on Twitter and definitely setup the plugins Twitter Tools and TweetMeMe. Spend more time following other bigger green bloggers. Twitter is best as a networking tools not really a direct traffic generation tool, although you’ll get some there. You see other bloggers want good content to blog on and you’re creating great stuff. They will blog on you and you’ll get traffic from their websites. Also consider alternate revenue streams. Most bloggers don’t make it all from the blog but use it as a tool to expand into other areas like books, ebooks, etc.Good luck… feel free to remove my comment from public view or leave it. I hope it helps! Good luck with the adoption process too… it is totally worth the time money and effort.-Michael


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