A link for Electric Car Conversion

I’m afraid I’m not posting my own article at http://www.aminorjourney.com today. As many of you may already know my partner Kate and I are getting married in two month’s time  and we are also going through the adoption process.

Combined with the many tens of thousands of words we’re writing up in our adoption paperwork, the marriage preparation and the day Job I’ve not written anything today myself.

However, I have been sent this link for an article on electric car conversion. It’s worth a look.

See you all tomorrow!






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  1. I love your website and all the great stuff you’re putting out there. I’m surprised I’d never stumbled on you before. I found you via Make.Good luck on the adoption stuff. It’s arduous but so worth it. My wife and I adopted our little girl (3 years old now) and life has never been the same… for the better of course 🙂


  2. Nikki Bloomfield June 19, 2009 — 5:41 pm

    Thanks, Micheal. Such kind comments!Our adoption social worker is awesome. She really is making the process as painless as possible. This weekend is the deadline for writing my personal story though, so lots of typing ahead!Nikki.


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