Remember that new EV? The DVLA thinks that it’s petrol-powered, too.

Remember that new “Evie” Citroen C1 conversion I posted about seven hours ago? The one which was being formed and run by former Motor Industry execs?
The one which suddenly appeared on the radar in the past few days? The one we’ve not heard anything about until a huge press-launch yesterday?
The one with the photoshopped rear where an exhaust should be on a gas car?
I couldn’t check online when I posted the original story, since the DVLA’s online car checker (the DVLA is the UK Government’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority responsible for keeping track of the licensing of drivers and vehicles on the road in the UK) was off-line for scheduled maintenance. It was mid-night, so it’s not surprising it was being maintained.
Anyway. First thing this morning, I decided to check out if my earlier hunch was correct; that this image had been manipulated to remove an exhaust from the image. An exhaust which was present because the car was still petrol-powered and not electric. The ECCPlc’s advertising campaign didn’t even think to change the car’s license plate for a fake one for the photos. Ooops. And sure enough, when I entered the car’s registration details on the DVLA checker this is what I saw:Ooopsie. That 'EV' is a petrol car.
Secondly, that image I picked out yesterday. The one with the strange blob? Well, it shows a charging cable coming out of the car and heading down to the ground – next to a charging point. But the car doesnt’ even appear to be plugged into the mains. There’s a reflection of the Westminster charging post and a cable going down to the ground. But not one going back up again. And the official charging cables for those charge points (which you’re meant to use if you’re using the charging ports) are bright yellow, and coiled. I know, because I have an official charge cable for one of those Elecktrobay points. Another Epic FAIL.
Do I have to say anything else? C’mon, Electric Car Corporation. That’s just a bit of hype making isn’t it? Do you even HAVE an EV to test-drive?


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  1. You have way too much free time, and yes, they do have EV's to test drive which have been reviewed already.. which you should know after you've spent so long ranting about this..


  2. Actually, I've just written a post (about two hours ago) setting the record straight and apologizing. I'm hoping that you saw that one too! As for the free time. I suspect not. I generally start my day at 6am and finish at 11pm… 😉 Thanks for the comments.


  3. You might be looking at this the wrong way. As more and more pelpoe get hybrids, electric cars, hydrogen powered cars, and the like, there may actually be BETTER availability of gasoline, methanol, alcohol, and biodiesel for use in classic cars.When the first cars hit the road, pelpoe predicted the end of the horse. Horses didn’t go away, their role simply changed. Instead of being used to plow fields, pull wagons, etc. they are now used for recreation and pleasure. I think the same will be true of the internal combustion engine. 50 years from now we’ll be relying on electric and hydrogen powered vehicles to do our dirty work (hauling freight, pelpoe moving, etc.) and we’ll be using our classic cars – which will include todays Mustangs, Camaros, etc. – purely for pleasure driving and competition.-Grant (1970 Camaro owner)


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