needs your input!

It’s now just about two weeks since the new launched. It’s getting visitors from all over the world and from many different sources.
I’ve covered stories as diverse as the latest EVs and PHEVs through to talking about efficient driving and historical vehicles. I’ve even done some basic description based on how I converted my own Prius to a plug in and adding additional battery tech to my CityEl.
Initially, when the blog was changed from my personal one covering my life to one about green transport I decided to cover as many different areas as interested me as well as stories that I felt would interest my readers.
My reader base is really important to me though, so I’d like to know what you’d like me to post about. Do you want more posts about DIY EV tech, or perhaps more commentary about the current commercial vehicles on the market. Do you want more PHEV stuff, or perhaps more UK based stories? The choice is yours!
If you feel you have something you’d like to say about the site and it’s content please feel free to comment to this post and I’ll try my best to implement suggestions and requests in future posts.


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  1. OBOE OBOE OBOE(Is that conflict of interest?)


  2. No! Absolutely not! I’d love to post on oboe stuff! I shall endeavor to do that, although I need to figure out a way to maybe split the two up!What sort of oboe content would you like? Reeds, Music, Teaching, Playing?N


  3. As a DIY guy, i'd like to see some more on your DIY projects. I feel it should be pointed out that one does not need to wait for EV prices to come down in order to drive one. I mean why pay $100k for a car, $10k for a golf cart? Heck, even a $600 electric bicycle is useful.


  4. More DIY projects? Absolutely! I was going to do some more anyway. And for those who are curious, my friend's VW golf City Stromer is now running only 10 days after he brought it back from a two year off-road sabbatical in London! It's going to get a little post of it's own 🙂 I'm also hoping that I can blog extensively on any other future EV projects as well as the completion of my PHEV project – which still needs to be properly finished!


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