Devilishly good fuel economy

I’d rather be driving an EV, but at the moment my PHEV will have to do.
A regular Prius will get between 450 and 600 miles on a tank when driven by the average Prius driver.
Today though, with my PHEV conversion working well, I hit the magic number (if you happen to be Beelzebub, of course).
Devilishly good mileage
With three bars left on my car’s Fuel Gauge, I should be hitting somewhere around 750 miles on my first full tank with a PHEV plug in. I suspect the power from the mains works out to the equivalent of one charge every day for the past month, or about 3KWH per day. Some days are higher than others.
Devilishly good fuel economy
At least I’m not like the poor hero in Reaper, whose soul is sold to the devil. His parents buy him a Prius as a thank-you present…
No, the only thing devilish on my Velma is her fuel economy…
If you’re in the Bristol area and want to have a ride to see what the differences are to a regular Prius, please drop me a line…

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